• Peptic Ulcers

    Peptic Ulcers

    What is a peptic ulcer? The digestive juices that churn in our stomachs are great for dissolving dinner, but they can also be hard on our bodies. Under certain circumstances, the brew of acid and enzymes can eat away at the lining of the stomach or the duodenum (the upper part of the small intestine),

  • Pancreatitis


    Gallstones that get lodged in the opening of the pancreas are the most common cause of pancreatitis. Alcohol is the next leading culprit. Usually, it takes several years of heavy drinking — such as a 12-pack of beer of every day — to inflame the pancreas.

  • Probiotics


    From the bacterial point of view, the human intestine is the promised land. The gut is warm, moist, and full of good food. It’s also extremely crowded. A cubic centimeter of prime real estate in the colon can hold 100 billion bacteria — nearly 20 times the entire human population of earth. A few hundred

  • Puncture Wounds

    Puncture Wounds

    Puncture wounds are caused when sharp and pointed objects such as nails, tacks, knife tips, needles, or bullets penetrate the skin. Animal bites are another cause of puncture wounds. Puncture wounds usually don’t bleed very much (unless a major blood vessel is broken). For that reason, they may not look serious. They also may appear

  • 1st Trimester Prenatal Visits

    1st Trimester Prenatal Visits

    One of the first calls you’ll make when you suspect you’re pregnant is to your family doctor or obstetrician. If you had a positive pregnancy test shortly after a possible conception, some doctors may ask you to hold off on scheduling your first prenatal visit for a few weeks until your pregnancy is well established.

  • 2nd Trimester Prenatal Visits

    2nd Trimester Prenatal Visits

    While no one would say it’s all downhill from here (there’s labor after all, as well as the aches and pains of late pregnancy), for many women the second trimester feels like the “easy” part of pregnancy. Fear of miscarriage subsides, nausea abates, and energy surges — all in all, there’s less to be worried

  • 3rd Trimester Prenatal Visits

    3rd Trimester Prenatal Visits

    After eight months of pregnancy, you’re already well acquainted with your doctor. You’ve been poked, prodded, scanned, and then poked again. If your pregnancy has been progressing normally, you’ve probably been seeing your doctor once or twice each month. But now that you’re in the home stretch, you’ll be spending even more time in the

  • Week 39 of Pregnancy

    Week 39 of Pregnancy

    At week 39, your baby is likely to be a bit over 14 inches long from head to rump (a little more than 21 inches from head to toe) and probably now weighs slightly more than 7 pounds. He’s a fully developed baby just waiting for the right moment to come out. He’s already lost

  • Week 40 of Pregnancy

    Week 40 of Pregnancy

    Your baby is just about as big as he’s ever going to get in week 40. He’s more than 21 inches long from head to toe and weighs about 7 and a half pounds. Although he’s still attached to you, he’s his own person. He has his own memories, and he can recognize familiar sounds

  • Pregnancy and Diabetes

    Pregnancy and Diabetes

    If you’re a woman with diabetes and want to have a child, keep in mind that a successful pregnancy starts before conception.