• Obesity and Heart Disease

    Obesity and Heart Disease

    Want to know your vulnerability to heart disease? Like it or not, one of the best ways to know is to get on the scale. If you’re unhappy with what the scale tells you, you’re not alone. Despite our national obsession with thinness, Americans are heavier and less active than ever before. Over half of

  • Detecting Ovulation

    Detecting Ovulation

    What is ovulation? Ovulation is the fertile time of your menstrual cycle, which occurs when a mature egg — or ovum — is released from one of your ovaries. After the egg is released, it travels down the fallopian tube, where it can be fertilized if sperm are present. How do I know when I’m

  • Object Lodged in Nose or Ear

    Object Lodged in Nose or Ear

    What should I do if my child gets something stuck in her ear or nose? Stay calm, and reassure her that it’s no big deal. If the object is clearly visible and soft or flexible enough to be removed easily, grasp it with a pair of tweezers and gently pull it out. Never attempt to

  • Poison Ivy, Sumac, and Oak

    Poison Ivy, Sumac, and Oak

    How can I tell if my child has poison oak, ivy, or sumac? Many substances can cause an allergic reaction called contact dermatitis. But if your child has been playing in areas where poison ivy, poison oak, or poison sumac grows, you can consider the plant a likely culprit. An allergic reaction, marked by redness,

  • Osteoarthritis Basics

    Osteoarthritis Basics

    What is osteoarthritis? Osteoarthritis, by far the most common form of arthritis among older people, is a condition brought on partly by aging and long-term wear-and-tear in the joints. After years of use, the cartilage that cushions the joints can break down until bone rubs against bone. Spurs often grow on the sides of the

  • Overcoming Negative Thinking

    Overcoming Negative Thinking

    In the words of psychiatrist David Burns, MD, people who are depressed are often masters of illusion. Their pessimistic outlook — and some unconscious tricks of the mind — can turn triumphs into setbacks, and setbacks into personal failings. Those of us prone to depression may be successful and accomplished, but we’re often plagued by

  • Oppositional Defiant Disorder

    Oppositional Defiant Disorder

    Consider the standards used to diagnose oppositional defiant disorder (ODD), and you may think they could describe any kid on a bad day — and almost any teenager almost every day: They argue with adults, deliberately annoy people, defy rules, and have high fits of temper. All these activities are all-too-familiar to parents. The distinction

  • Oxycontin and Addiction

    Oxycontin and Addiction

    Thanks to the tribulations of Rush Limbaugh and a cover story in The New York Times Magazine, just about everyone has heard of OxyContin addiction. Naturally, some patients with prescriptions for the pain reliever are worried that they, too, will get hooked. OxyContin is one of many opioids that are used for chronic pain management.

  • Osteoporosis Medicines

    Osteoporosis Medicines

    As anyone who has seen commercials during the evening news already knows, osteoporosis medications are a big business. Doctors and patients have several options to choose from, each with their own pros and cons. All of them are intended to prevent fractures by increasing the density of the bones.

  • Osteoporosis: Treatment and Safety Tips

    Osteoporosis: Treatment and Safety Tips

    According to the National Osteoporosis Foundation, around 44 million Americans either have osteoporosis or have low enough bone mass that they’re at risk for the disease. For women, the disease usually begins to set in after menopause when estrogen production slows. Studies have shown that slender women as well as white and Asian women are