• 1st Trimester Prenatal Visits

    1st Trimester Prenatal Visits

    One of the first calls you’ll make when you suspect you’re pregnant is to your family doctor or obstetrician. If you had a positive pregnancy test shortly after a possible conception, some doctors may ask you to hold off on scheduling your first prenatal visit for a few weeks until your pregnancy is well established.

  • Assisted Reproductive Technology

    Assisted Reproductive Technology

    If you’re old enough, you may remember all the hoopla about “test-tube babies” when the first child was conceived outside a woman’s body in 1978. That original experimental procedure, called in vitro fertilization (IVF), is now just one of several fertility treatments available. IVF has since been joined by a host of additional procedures which

  • Baby First Aid Essentials

    Baby First Aid Essentials

    As a new parent, you can look forward to plenty of thrilling firsts and inspiring photo opportunities as your baby grows and develops over the coming months and years. You can also look forward to treating numerous stuffy noses, stomach upsets, and all sorts of bumps and bruises. Having a well-stocked first aid kit at

  • Diabetes: Good Fats and Bad Fats

    Diabetes: Good Fats and Bad Fats

    The fats found in fish, olive oil, nuts, avocados, and other foods can boost your HDL (“good”) cholesterol, which helps clear bad cholesterol out of the blood.

  • Fever (Children)

    Fever (Children)

    How do I know if my child is running a fever? Most pediatricians would agree that your child probably doesn’t have a fever unless his temperature is higher than 100 degrees Fahrenheit. The average normal temperature in kids is 98.6 degrees F (37 degrees Celsius), but this varies according to the child, the things he’s

  • Feverfew


    Feverfew (Tanacetum parthenium ) is a relative of the daisy, marigold, and dandelion. The name is derived from the Latin word febrifugia, or fever reducer, and feverfew has been used for that purpose since the first century. Historically, the herb has also been used to treat headache, arthritis, menstrual irregularity, and stomachache. What is it

  • Fiber: An All-Natural “Medicine” for Type 2 Diabetes?

    Fiber: An All-Natural “Medicine” for Type 2 Diabetes?

    Not only did the patients see striking improvement in their blood sugar levels, they found their cholesterol levels improved as well.

  • Fibromyalgia


    For nearly 20 years, social worker Susan Mason suffered from mysterious and debilitating muscle pain throughout most of her body. Time and time again, doctors told Mason that she just had the flu, or that she was depressed and the aches would eventually go away on their own. But they never did. “It just hurt

  • Fifth Disease

    Fifth Disease

    Fifth disease is the work of the human parvovirus, which can also cause arthritis. It’s most common in children who are between the ages of 5 and 14, and it usually strikes during the late winter or early spring.

  • Flatulence


    It’s not a subject that lends itself to cocktail party talk, a first date — or any date, for that matter. Yet who among us can claim to never have an embarrassing emission from time to time? Whether we like to talk about it or not, all of us produce gas throughout the day, every