• Babies and Dogs

    Babies and Dogs

    Little kids love dogs. Even babies want to crawl on the furry member of the family. Unfortunately, the warm feelings aren’t always mutual. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), about 400,000 kids in the United States get medical care for dog bites each year. (And lots of other nips and bites

  • Caring for Diabetes-Related Nerve Disorders (Neuropathy)

    Caring for Diabetes-Related Nerve Disorders (Neuropathy)

    It depends what kind of neuropathy you have, but symptoms often include pain, increased sensitivity, numbness, tingling, and decreased sensation in your feet.

  • Choosing a Doctor for Your Baby

    Choosing a Doctor for Your Baby

    Choosing a baby doctor is something that many parents don’t think much about. They spend hours picking out a crib and push a dozen different strollers before settling on one, but they barely consider the person who will be a vital part of their child’s development. But nothing could be more important. The doctor who

  • Cookbooks for People with Diabetes

    Cookbooks for People with Diabetes

    When shopping for a cookbook, people with diabetes should think about what kinds of foods they really like to eat

  • Dehydration (Child)

    Dehydration (Child)

    What is dehydration? Dehydration means that the body is losing too much fluid or not taking enough in, usually because of fever, overheating, or diarrhea. It’s both preventable and easily treatable, but you need to address the problem right away or it may become life-threatening. How can I tell if my child is dehydrated? These

  • Depression


    How can I tell if I’m depressed? It’s normal to feel a little down every once in a while. But depression is a condition that can go on for weeks or months with no end in sight. Depression makes it hard to go about your normal activities and get through the day. It makes you

  • Depression and Exercise

    Depression and Exercise

    Can exercise really fight depression? A gym membership and a new pair of walking shoes aren’t magic bullets against depression, but there’s no doubt that your mood is closely tied to your exercise habits. Many studies have found that people who exercise regularly tend to be less anxious and depressed than people who rarely work

  • Depression and Heart Disease

    Depression and Heart Disease

    What’s the link between depression and heart disease? Depression and loneliness put a terrible strain on the heart, and not just in the emotional sense: Psychological distress can turn a survivor of heart disease into a victim. Consider the words of physician Dean Ornish in his book Love and Survival: The Scientific Basis for the

  • Depression During Pregnancy

    Depression During Pregnancy

    Pregnancy is a time of many changes not only for your body, but also for your mind. Your mood can swing from sunny to dark, and you’ll probably start worrying more than usual. And no matter how much you’re looking forward to your baby’s arrival, you just might find yourself feeling depressed. By some estimates,

  • Depression in Children and Teenagers

    Depression in Children and Teenagers

    Can children suffer from depression? Decades ago when baby boomers were still children, parents might have dismissed very real signs of depression as sulkiness or chronic moodiness. Today, doctors know that depression can affect even young children, and sometimes it can follow them throughout their lives. Roughly 7 percent of all children are depressed, studies