• Caffeine


    What is caffeine? If it weren’t for caffeine, lots of people around the world would find it hard to get their day started. Caffeine is mild stimulant that occurs naturally in over 60 kinds of plants, most notably coffee, cocoa beans, and tea leaves. It’s unlikely to cause any long-term health problems, but coffee fanatics

  • Caffeine, Conception and Pregnancy

    Caffeine, Conception and Pregnancy

    I’ve heard drinking coffee can make it harder to get pregnant. Is that true? You may have heard that even moderate amounts of caffeine can delay conception. The truth is, no one is really sure. One often-cited study from the 1990s found that women who had the equivalent of three cups of coffee a day

  • Calcium


    Why do I need calcium? For all of the attention and acclaim calcium gets as a bone builder, that’s just one of its jobs throughout the body. Among other things, the mineral plays a crucial role for the nerves and the heart. Recent studies have shown that calcium can help lower blood pressure, and there’s

  • Calcium During Pregnancy

    Calcium During Pregnancy

    Why should I be concerned about calcium? Calcium is important for both you and your growing baby. Your baby needs it to grow strong, healthy bones, teeth, nerves, heart, and muscles and to develop normal heart rhythm and blood clotting. If you don’t get enough calcium in your diet, the fetus will leach it from

  • Campylobacteriosis


    By far, the most common cause of campylobacteriosis is raw and undercooked poultry. A single drop of chicken juice can be enough to make you sick. If many people in the same area get sick at once, the water supply may be contaminated.

  • Cancer Overview

    Cancer Overview

    More than 30 years after President Richard Nixon declared a “War on Cancer,” the battle is as heated as ever. Doctors, researchers, and patients are staging an all-out assault on the disease, and they’re scoring some amazing victories. Thanks to a combination of better treatments, early detection, and a commitment to prevention, more and more

  • Cancer Staging and Grading

    Cancer Staging and Grading

    What is staging? Not all cancers are alike when they are first diagnosed. Sometimes there’s just a small, single tumor that can be easily removed. Other times, a tumor might be dangerously large or the cancer may have already spread to other parts of the body. These aren’t trivial differences. The size and extent of

  • Canker Sores in Children

    Canker Sores in Children

    What are canker sores? They’re small, painful, crater-like nuisances that sprout on the tongue or on the inside of the cheeks. The sores are usually white, gray, or yellowish with a red rim and last up to two weeks. (Some people confuse them with cold sores, which form blisters instead of craters and usually show

  • Car Seats and Children

    Car Seats and Children

    Why does my child need a car safety seat? Motor vehicle accidents are the No. 1 killer of children in the United States. You can reduce the risk by 70 percent simply by properly installing a child’s safety seat and using it every time your child rides in a car. Today, car seat use is

  • Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

    Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

    Often called “the silent killer,” carbon monoxide is a colorless, odorless, tasteless gas that can be fatal when inhaled. Smoke from fires, backdrafts from blocked chimney flues, grills that use charcoal or chemical fuels, emissions from faulty gas heaters, and the exhaust of motor vehicles, boats, and appliances are all common sources of carbon monoxide.