• Absentmindedness and Pregnancy

    Absentmindedness and Pregnancy

    Soon into your pregnancy, don’t be surprised if you feel foggy-brained and forgetful. You may find yourself misplacing your purse, forgetting to return phone calls, or going off to fetch something only to discover you’ve forgotten what you are looking for. At work, you may catch yourself daydreaming through meetings or staring out the window

  • Acne


    First of all, don’t pick or pop your pimples. Although it may be tempting, you can cause redness and swelling, and possibly an infection or scarring. Squeezing a zit can force the infection deeper into the skin, making the problem worse.

  • Acupuncture


    Before any needles go anywhere, you can expect your acupuncturist to ask about your current health and your medical history, including anything that might have contributed to your current problem.

  • Adult Allergies

    Adult Allergies

    Your head feels like someone stuffed it full of old socks. Your eyes are so red and itchy you’re afraid to leave the house without eye drops. The ache in your cheeks lets you know that your sinuses are involved, too. But you hang on for yet another week without calling your doctor, thinking that

  • Aggression, Ages 1 to 3

    Aggression, Ages 1 to 3

    My toddler kicks, bites, and hits playmates. Should I be concerned? Not necessarily. Aggressive behavior is a normal part of emotional and behavioral development, especially among toddlers. Almost every child hits, kicks, and yells; toddlers and even preschoolers often bite when they’re overwhelmed by strong emotions. Generally, you can expect your child’s aggressive behavior to

  • Aggression, Ages 3 to 6

    Aggression, Ages 3 to 6

    My child hits, kicks, and bites other kids. Should I be concerned? Not necessarily. Aggressive behavior is a normal part of emotional and behavioral development, and almost every child hits, kicks, and yells when he’s overwhelmed by strong emotions. However, if your child is frequently aggressive or is prone to shows of extreme temper, don’t

  • Aggression, Ages 6 to 12

    Aggression, Ages 6 to 12

    My child hits, kicks, and lashes out at other kids. Should I be concerned? Yes. Most children outgrow this kind of behavior by the time they enter grade school, because they’ve developed the language skills to express themselves in words and been socialized to feel that physical aggression is wrong and unrewarding. If your child

  • Alcohol and the Heart

    Alcohol and the Heart

    “God in His goodness sent the grape to cheer both great and small. Little fools drink too much and great fools none at all.” — Anonymous Ask a doctor about preventing heart disease, and you’ll hear a lot of clear-cut advice. Saturated and trans fat: bad. Smoking: very bad. Exercise: excellent. Ask a doctor about

  • Alcoholism FAQ

    Alcoholism FAQ

    Casual drinking is a common ritual in our culture — from campus keg parties, to a “beer and a dog” at the ballgame, to a nice bottle of wine on the dinner table. In countless advertisements, fun-loving youth frolic on the beach with beer cans in hand: To drink is to be happy, the tantalizing

  • Allergic Reaction: Severe

    Allergic Reaction: Severe

    What is anaphylactic shock? Anaphylactic shock, or anaphylaxis, is one of the scariest health emergencies a parent can face; it occurs when your child has a severe allergic reaction. When that happens, your child’s immune system mistakenly responds to a harmless substance as if it were a serious threat, triggering the release of histamine and