• Week 36 of  Pregnancy

    Week 36 of Pregnancy

    Your baby is now about 13 and a half inches long from crown to bottom and almost 21 inches from head to toe. She weighs about 6 pounds. She won’t get much longer between week 36 and the big day, but she’s still greedily adding on fat and gaining weight. The calcium in your diet

  • Week 37 of Pregnancy

    Week 37 of Pregnancy

    At week 37, your baby is now about 14 inches long from crown to rump (21 inches from head to toe) and weighs about 6 and a half pounds. Congratulations for getting this far! Your baby is ready to enter the real world. If he were born today, he wouldn’t be considered premature or at

  • Week 38 of Pregnancy

    Week 38 of Pregnancy

    Your baby is still about 14 inches long from head to bottom (21 inches from head to toe) and probably weighs a bit less than 7 pounds. She’s completely ready for life on the outside at week 38. Her lungs are strong (as you’ll soon hear for yourself) and her digestive system is fully mature.

  • Week 39 of Pregnancy

    Week 39 of Pregnancy

    At week 39, your baby is likely to be a bit over 14 inches long from head to rump (a little more than 21 inches from head to toe) and probably now weighs slightly more than 7 pounds. He’s a fully developed baby just waiting for the right moment to come out. He’s already lost

  • Week 40 of Pregnancy

    Week 40 of Pregnancy

    Your baby is just about as big as he’s ever going to get in week 40. He’s more than 21 inches long from head to toe and weighs about 7 and a half pounds. Although he’s still attached to you, he’s his own person. He has his own memories, and he can recognize familiar sounds

  • Weight Gain During Pregnancy

    Weight Gain During Pregnancy

    Putting on extra weight isn’t usually a winning strategy for good health. But now that you’re pregnant, you need to keep the needle on your scale moving in the right direction. No matter what type of body you have now, it needs to get bigger. How much weight should I gain? According to the March

  • What Happens After Labor

    What Happens After Labor

    Even though every delivery is different, each woman’s labor usually comes with predictable stages that you can read about in any reliable pregnancy book. It’s after the baby’s born that many women are surprised by how they feel. After you’ve delivered your baby, you’ll have some residual aches and pains — perhaps some that your


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