Seasons Medical Recognized with Business Beautification Award

Seasons Medical Recognized with Business Beautification Award

Earlier this month Seasons Medical’s new office building located off 2nd East in Rexburg was recognized by the Rexburg Area Chamber of Commerce with the Business Beautification Award.

Earlier this month Seasons Medical’s new office building located off 2nd East in Rexburg was recognized by the Rexburg Area Chamber of Commerce with the Business Beautification Award.
by Dr. Robert Lofgran


On behalf of the board, our providers, and staff at Season Medical, I want to express our gratitude to the Rexburg Area Chamber of Commerce for this remarkable award.  The Business Beautification Award has been received by so many deserving businesses through the years, and we are extremely fortunate to be counted among them.

As I look back, I recall how large the building looked when the construction crew started framing the third floor.  It brought comments from the local public such as: “It   looks like a great and spacious building,” and “What a behemoth!” There was even talk of calling the building “Beaumont” which means “beautiful mountain.”  Despite its large and imposing size, the building stands as a beautiful monument to careful planning and consideration.

Special thanks to Andrea McCulloch and her staff at Milieu Design of Logan, Utah for her meticulous work and visionary skill of how the building was to look when completed.  She recognized early on that it should blend in with other buildings downtown, and its subsequent vintage look complements other historical structures, such as the nearby courthouse and county office building, in the downtown area.With so many hands that have gone into this project it would be ungrateful of us if we didn’t mention several who were instrumental in seeing this magnificent building through.

Seasons Medical

Chad Richards and Eric Elbaugh, of Headwaters Construction, deserve an enormous pat on the back for not only constructing this beautiful building but for weathering the indecision of the owner who so often couldn’t make their mind up as to how something should be done.

Johnny Watson and Brent McFarland, from JRW and Associates, provided valuable expertise that transformed drawings on paper to steel and concrete.

And at the head of it all was the Hemming Group which has provided expert professional guidance in all of the decisions that had to be made.  A very special thanks to Val and Lane Hemming and to Richie Webb for all of their help.

And of course none of this would have been possible without the financial support of Zions Bank, for which we are also extremely grateful.


I would also be remiss if I did not mention the name of Heather Sorenson.  She is the BYU Idaho student who painted the beautiful murals in our Pediatric Clinic.  I had one mother say to me the other day that she felt like she was in Disneyland.  We are so very pleased with how these paintings have provided a unique experience for our patients.

And on a more personal note, kudos go to Geoff Schwiermann, Jennifer Little, and Lisa Siddoway of the Season Medical Administration Team for never letting things slide and always staying on top of things and anticipating potential problems before they occurred.  As providers at Seasons Medical we are fortunate to have such loyal and dedicated personnel.

There are hundreds more that deserve recognition for their involvement in our new facility, and to each of you we express our appreciation and gratitude for what we accomplished together.  This new building on 2nd East is a testament to what can be accomplished with bright minds and remarkable talent.  In short, the Business Beautification Award really belongs to each of you.  To everyone involved, at every stage along the way, thank you for making this stunning building become a reality.

Robert Lofgran, MDDr. Robert Lofgran has been a practicing pediatrician in the Upper Snake River Valley for the past twenty-six years. He was born and raised in rural central Utah and with his family made the move to this area in 1983 after graduating from the University of Utah College of Medicine and completing a pediatric residency at Primary Children’s Medical Center and its affiliated hospitals. He is recognized as a diplomat of the American Academy of Pediatrics.


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