Nursing Home Care

The decision about nursing home care for loved ones is never easy. Sometimes patients need just a short stay at the nursing home in order to receive rehabilitation care, while at other times there is a need for longer-term stays.

Please contact us for a visit if you or your loved one has questions about nursing home care. Dr. Michael Packer provides care for patients at both Rexburg Nursing and Rehabilitation and Ashton Nursing Center. These are two very find facilities with terrific staff.

Dementia Evaluation

Patients and families often ask about memory loss. There are many diseases that can contribute to memory loss and inability to make decisions. In order to make the right diagnosis we normally repeat medical tests over the course of several months, and in some cases years, to establish trends in addition to various brain scans and blood tests.

One of the most important tests is a Mental Status Exam, which you can access below. If you or a family member has concerns about memory, please feel free to contact us at any time.

_mental_wellnessMental Status Exam

Mequestion_markntal Status Exam Instructions