Colonoscopy Exams

We offer colonoscopy exams for colon cancer screening and evaluation of bowel problems in the comfort of our own office. This is the most efficient use of your time and healthcare dollars.

How do I prepare for a Colonoscopy exam?

We recommend your first screening colonoscopy at age 50 unless you have some family history of colon cancer or polyps. If there are no polyps found then the next colonscopy should be in 10 years. If we find and remove polyps, we’ll need to repeat the colonoscopy at an earlier interval.

Prior to the colonoscopy we will explain the procedure and provide medicines that will prepare the bowel for the exam. We’ll start an IV and give two types of sedation medications during the exam. These will make you drowsy and keep you comfortable. After the exam you will need someone to drive you home due to the effects of the sedation medicines as they last several hours.


Colonoscopy Handout

A colonoscopy is a special test that allows your physician to examine the lining of the colon.