• Alcoholism FAQ

    Alcoholism FAQ

    Casual drinking is a common ritual in our culture — from campus keg parties, to a “beer and a dog” at the ballgame, to a nice bottle of wine on the dinner table. In countless advertisements, fun-loving youth frolic on the beach with beer cans in hand: To drink is to be happy, the tantalizing

  • Oxycontin and Addiction

    Oxycontin and Addiction

    Thanks to the tribulations of Rush Limbaugh and a cover story in The New York Times Magazine, just about everyone has heard of OxyContin addiction. Naturally, some patients with prescriptions for the pain reliever are worried that they, too, will get hooked. OxyContin is one of many opioids that are used for chronic pain management.

  • Smoking: Ways to Quit for Good

    Smoking: Ways to Quit for Good

    If you slip up and have a cigarette or two, it doesn’t need to bring your program to a crashing halt. “Cheating” or lighting up once over a cup of coffee needn’t put you back on the road to a pack a day. Remind yourself that quitting is hard. Just like anything that’s difficult, you’re not going to get it right immediately.

  • Treatment for Methamphetamine Addiction

    Treatment for Methamphetamine Addiction

    If a person keeps taking meth, addiction often follows. The body becomes accustomed to the drug, and quitting becomes a monumental task — for both the user and the people around him. At this point, willpower or good intentions alone may not be enough to break the habit.