Medical Bill Example

This example bill will help to define important areas of your statement. We’ve attempted to point out the most commonly asked about areas, but we recognize you may still have questions. Please don’t hesitate to call us at (208) 356-0234 with any concerns or questions.

Established Patient - Limited

This is a description of the procedure/service that was rendered by the provider. This line will usually include a type of office visit. Labs and other services if performed will be listed below.

Filed Charges of $73.00 to Blue Cross of Idaho

This is to let the patient know when the charges were filed and to which insurance company they were filed to. Most Insurance claims are paid within three weeks of the filing date.

Transfer From Insurance

This is the amount of the bill that the insurance states that the patient is responsible for after adjustments and payments have been made. This could be the co-pay, amount that was applied to your deductible or a service that was not covered by your insurance.

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